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Exclusive Signature Treatments

Source Marine Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Lastingly correct moisture levels in dehydrated skin, working to revitalise the skin deep-down and restore its velvety feels and original radiance.

Suitable for: Dry skin, All skin type

Cold Cream Marine Facial Treatment (90 mins)

7-day treatment that increases sensitive skin tolerance for a significant reduction in discomfort, redness and burning. True “infusion” of Marine Cold Cream which repairs and relieves feelings of discomfort in 10 minutes flat. Intensely nourished and soothed the skin to become soft, supple and comfortable.

Suitable for: Dry skin, Sensitive skin

Collagen Smoothing Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Smooths and moisturises on the skin surface and it stimulates the production of collagen beneth the skin surface.

Suitable for: Dry skin, Sagging skin, All skin type

Prodige des Océans Facial Treatment (120 mins)

A rich and luxury sensory facial experience with 6-in-1 benefit that smooths wrinkles, firm sagging skin, lighten pigmentations, even skin complexion, dryness correction and protection against oxidative stress.

Suitable for: Dry skin, Dull skin, Pigmented skin, Sagging skin