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Exclusive Signature Treatments

Pureté Marine Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Purifies to control seborrhoea and reduce enlarged pores and other flaws. The skin is healthy, the complexion is clearer and more even. It helps in reducing shine, blemishes and redness on skin.

Suitable for: Combination skin, Oily skin

Recommended Treatments

DPL Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Dynamic Pulsed Light (also known as DPL) combines Intense Pulse Light (also known as IPL) and Laser power source to enable creating new shape of pulses. It is safer and highly efficient with its low frequency and high-density pulses. The light waves will stimulate the skin to regenerate collagen and skin cells, thus giving that radiance, fuller look, and minimized pores.

Suitable for: Aging skin, Oily skin, Pigmented skin