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Exclusive Signature Treatments

Source Marine Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Lastingly correct moisture levels in dehydrated skin, working to revitalise the skin deep-down and restore its velvety feels and original radiance.

Suitable for: Dry skin, All skin type

Collagen Smoothing Facial Treatment (90 mins)

Smooths and moisturises on the skin surface and it stimulates the production of collagen beneth the skin surface.

Suitable for: Dry skin, Sagging skin, All skin type

Recommended Treatments

Deep Cleansing Facial (60 mins)

Basic facial to maintain skin’s hydration. The session includes cleansing, extraction, scrubbing, eyebrow trimming and masking.

Suitable for: All skin type

Bio Marine Facial (60 mins)

Delivers an immediate boost with a long-lasting hydration action that restores skin suppleness and diminish fine lines.

Suitable for: All skin type

Pure Oxygen Treatment (90 mins)

This treatment will supply pure oxygen at high pressure into the skin and it will adhere to the collagen and elastin molecules to strengthen the skin dermal level. Your skin will feel nourished and smoother. The oxygen helps in reducing inflammation and oily skin.

Suitable for: Acne-prone skin, All skin type

WishPro Skin Treatment (90 mins)

Using Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) to convert magnetic pulses into an active energy field which creates light or electric current. It can effectively diffuse active principles directly through the skin. It can be customized using different capsule to target concerns. No pain and non-invasive. Expect visible result in just 15 mins.

Suitable for: All skin type